Registering your vehicle with LOF-Xpress™ My Fleet is the first step in enjoying the full benefits of being serviced at all the LOF-Xpress™ locations. As a registered owner, you can begin to enjoy a personalized experience including special offers.

A disciplined approach to service and maintenance is critical to keep your vehicle in top condition and maintain it's resale value. Maintaining your vehicle log book with LOF-Xpress™ “My Fleet” is a useful tool in keeping your vehicle at peak perfomance!

Track Your Vehicle's Services.
The Vehicle Manager database provides you with detailed information about all the services your vehicle has had at LOF-Xpress. You'll have all the information you need right at your fingertips.

View All Your Transactions
Easy to understand reporting, detailing every transaction, including driver and vehicle listings, transaction data, fuel summary and more. All transactions are fully downloadable right into your vehicle management system. You can also access all your fleet account information right here in real time.

Track your Statements
You'll be able to review LOF-Xpress™ service records, along with service records you add.
LOF-Xpress™ makes available your online Statements that automatically available for eligible accounts!
LOF-Xpress™ makes monitoring your transactions at LOF-Xpress™ oil change service easy!
LOF-Xpress™ makes monitoring your vehicles services a snap!